Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Coaching Era Begins

I've had people telling me to start a coaching business forever it seems, and I have in fact coached several athletes to varied levels of sucsess. A few triathletes as well as several cyclists and cross racers. I just never got around to getting it up and running as an official entity. Well now I've done that.

I don't have a degree in exercise physiology or anything quite that official, however I do know several "coaches" who are certified by USAC and USAT, that I would consider bad candidates for a coach simply because they've never actually achieved any decent sucess in their own athletic endeavors. It's to each his/her own I guess. Hopefully you'll check out the site and spread the word.....if I have any readers left that is.

I look at it this'll give Solobreak a post topic when he decides to bust my balls on this. It should be humorous....

Thanks for reading, JB