Thursday, March 4, 2010

Up and Down

Tuesday was a great day to ride. It was sunnier than I can remember it being for well over 2 weeks, and half way through my ride, I saw this.
The streetsweeper is one of my favorite sights of the year. This was in Bourne, MA, now they may have jumped the gun a little (whats a few more wasted tax dollars?) but you gotta love the optomism.

Later in the ride I saw this guy hanging out on the rocks. Probably trying to avoid being lunch for the sharks that lurk beneath. If you can't make it out, there's a seal on that big rock. This is just off of Woods Hole at Nobska Light. The view doesn't suck! I wish I had my actual camera and not just my phone. It was WAY cooler than it looks.

Sadly the next day was pure misery. Wet blowing snow with 45mph gusts ....but you gotta do what you gotta do. In Belgium they seemed to just go about the business of gettin'er done. It was a good lesson in sticktoitiveness. It has stuck with me, how they are. If it weren't for that and my ipod I don't think this ride would have happened. I got in almost 2 hours in the woods on the mountain bike and got drenched, but timed my return just right as my fingers and toes were just starting to go numb when I got back.

Maybe thats how they achieve such heavenly praise.Can you imagine this sort of thing in this country?.....Me either, it'll NEVER happen!

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Il Bruce said...

Thank goodness it's still you.

After the first two pictures I though Willi had hijacked your blog.