Monday, February 8, 2010

The Beer Tent

I'm afraid they have us beat hands down in this department. This video doesn't do justice to the level of public drunkeness that was taking place in this massive tent. There had to be 2 or 3 thousand people in there. All drunk, all "singing". Good times! If you try, your mind's eye can see Gewilli right in the middle of this crowd, complete with orange prison suit, beer in hand, belting out a tune.

Of course the only thing to do after you drink a bunch of beer is to take a wizz......also in public of course.

If you consider yourself a beer loving, cyclocross fanatic, you simply must go to Belgium and take in a World Cup Race. Of course this is actually in Holland, but it's so close to the border that it's primarily Belgian fans.


Il Bruce said...

We need to introduce the pissoire to the US. Why brave the rank portapotty when all you need to do is have a slash?

Americans are probably afraid that someone might see a peener.

G-ride said...

peeing in those when I was at Zolder worlds was so liberating. Its like when you pee outside here, you have to sneak around behind your car or a dumpster, I feel persecuted. Where are my civil rights?

I pee outside, and I am proud!


G-ride said...

oh, and regarding drunken singing. Yah, the euros love to drink and link arms and sing old carnival songs. Having been married in Germany, I can painfully attest to this. It was so late by the time we got the drunks to go home, we just, ummm, went to sleep. FAIL!


Jonny Bold said...

G-Ride.....I'm sorry to hear that.