Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Onto World Championships!

Thanks for all the great comments in my previous posts. I guess all you have to do is have an awful start to make a really exciting race report.

Kevin and I and Roger have decided to go to Mol, Belgium for the Master's Cyclocross World Championships. The race is January 23rd, 2010. We'll go 1 week early and do a couple "local" races. One in Belgium and another in The Netherlands. Then the following weekend is the Worlds. We should be well acclimated by then and we'll also be able to ride some laps on the Worlds course.

I'll do my best to keep you posted, JB


Mike Russell said...

You are going to rock the Worlds! Keep us up to date. Is there somewhere on the Internet we can track the race?

G-ride said...

the whole crew is going, nice! show
'em that a Verge race is the world wide pinnacle of masters racing. word.

gewilli said...

kick ass.

So is Kyle doing to get a boat or a small charter plane and hand deliver the bikes for this round?

Bill Thompson said...

Just living the dream! Go get em! Best to you, Kevin and Roger.