Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Secret Training Booster

For years I've been racing and kind of training. By that I mean, I wish I had more time to ride, and then when I do ride, I wish I felt fresher so I could really let 'er rip.

My work and work schedule take a lot out of me and I'm tired and sore at the end of the day. Work starts very early so riding before work is not an option. I'm a builder and work requires lots of tools and different clothing options so riding to work isn't a real option either.

What I'm left with is scraps of time, mostly from 5 to 7 pm to make it happen. Some days it just doesn't go. If I'm too whipped from a particularly hard day or if I need to run an errand or two, I'm basicly out for that night.

I hate the trainer with great passion, so don't suggest that one!

What I often end up doing is going super hard for an hour or hour and a half. It's not optimum, but I've made it work over the years. The problem is that it leaves my legs full of lactic acid and I'm a lot more sore than if I were to have the time to do it right.

The thing I've discovered to work the best for me is to have regular massage. That way I can go hard for a couple days, get the massage mid week and then ease into the weekend when I race....usually both days.

And so that is why I'm here today. My good friend and massage therapist is in Providence, on the East side, but I'm lucky enough that she does out calls too. Recently with the downturn in the economy she's seen a tail off in her business and she also incurred a bunch of unexpected homeowner's costs. We were talking about ways to try and drum up more business for her, when we realized there's a huge amount of cyclists out there that could really benefit from her excellent work.

I jokingly said I should put a plug for you on my blog and we laughed. Then we got to thinking...... I don't have any idea how many people read this dribble, but I've gotten a fair amount of comments about it at the races. So what the heck?

Here's the deal. She has an office in Providence, on the East side, which is convenient to LOTS of people who race bikes. Here's her web site www.nancygillooly.com

She'll give anyone who says they found her on this blog a discount.

Thats it. Thats my shameless plug for today.
Thanks, JB

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C-BOMB said...

Man, when I saw that title and read the first three paragraphs I thought to myself, wow, this is it, the epiphany moment, Jonny sharing his secrets with the younger riders! I'm finally going to understand how to get F-A-S-T riding my bike 10hours a week! Geez, I hope I finish riding this, learn the secrets, and then JB pulls the plug and deletes this post such that I'm the only one that sees it!

Massage! Should've known. I'll start adding it to my program. See you in VT.