Saturday, June 6, 2009

Planet Cross For Sale

OK this just kills me, but now that I have 2 new Stevens Carbon rocket ship cross bikes, I no longer need this steel IF Planet Cross. I'll hang on to the Ti version for lots of reasons, but this one is on the block. 58cm. It's all Shimano 9 speed. Originally all Ultegra, but I upgraded the shifters for better performance to Dura Ace. Paul brakes, Alpha-Q carbon fork and much, much more. I'll sell it with the wheel set you see (Zipp 404 clydesdale) or at a different price with Mavic Ksyrium. Either way the wheels will include a new set of Challenge Grifo tires. Price is $1500 firm.


JMH said...

You should have no problem selling that.

Any chance you still have the old Ultegra shifters?

Jonny Bold said...

Hey Jay,
I think Georgey kept them at the shop and sold them a short time later and just credited me. When are we starting your addition?

JMH said...

Waiting on the bank to tell us how much they will loan us, should know in the next week or so. It may be closer to September once we get everything in order.

Arch Stanton said...

Still got this bike? Email me at