Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fat Tire Classic

Ah yes, another 7 hours in the car was on the schedule for today and more 90 degree temps.....WTF? This had the potential to be worse than yesterday since mountain biking is generally hotter than the road. I met The Missile over at his place and we loaded up the bullet car. His Audi, A6 wagon, stealthed out with radar detector. He made quick work of the drive and before we knew it we were rolling into the Winding Trails venue in Farmington, CT. The sight of many epic cyclocross battles. It was weird to see people on the beach and swimming in the lake instead of skating on it. New England is so awesome!!! We signed up, $25 race day registration.....that's more like it! We rolled out and got in a warm up lap, more to re-con the course than to actually warm up, since it was 88 degrees. We raced the cat-1, 40-49 group. In front of us was the Pro, cat1 field, the 20-29 group, the single speed group, and the 30-39 group. 2 minutes between all starts. The start was insanely fast. I think everyone thought we were racing the cross bikes since the course is so fast and we used to race cross here all the time. The race went like this....


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