Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter of Discontent

Is there any other kind of winter actually? With temps dipping under zero in all corners of New England, it seems pretty bizarre to think about bike racing and training. Still, it's that time to get the foundation in. If you want to build a big house, you need a sound foundation. After working outside all week it hardly seems appealing to ride on the weekend when the forecast calls for more subzero temps over night.......BUT, it should warm up tomorrow with the sunlight thats forecasted and the wind is supposed to be very light also. As a veteran of spending cold days outside, building houses, I can honestly say that zero with no wind is much more tolerable than 15 degrees and 20 mph wind. So I'll try to giverago tomorrow after the sun gets a little higher in the sky. It's strictly mountain biking for me when the temps go below 25. But with the fresh powdery snow we got yesterday, it could be fun making fresh tracks on the trails. We're already seeing some difference in the daylight and February is just around the corner. We get a lot of daylight back in Feb. I also believe the winter sort of averages itself eventually, which if this is true......we'll get some warmer temps soon.
See ya on the trails, JB

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