Friday, November 28, 2008

Cape Cod Scene (Corner Cycle)

It occurs to me that I should tell you all a little bit about the scene down here on Cape Cod. Basicly all the good guys ride out of one shop....the BEST shop. It's Corner Cycle in Falmouth, MA. Owned and operated by George Sykes. The shop is classic East Coast. Small, yet efficient, with a loyal following of rollers as well as racers. I guess I was one of the first to race out of the shop, albeit as a triathlete, shortly after it was bought by Bill Sykes of Plymouth, and the shop went from Full Cycle to the 2nd store for Corner. The first being in Plymouth of course. The Plymouth shop already had serious racers, the famous McCormack brothers have roots there, as well as Tom Stevens and many others. Other characters that race out of the Falmouth shop (the Plymouth shop has long since closed) are Tobi Marzot (Tobi Jaun Kenobe), currently racing as a road PRO for the TIME cycling team, Jamie Tosca, Kevin (The Missile) Hines, and the entire Keough Clan. The Keoughs are a mini PRO team all their own. Some day I'll do more on them. But Jake (Twitch), the oldest, is a 2nd year PRO with Kelly Benefits, Nick is a PRO crosser on the Sonic, Jittery Joe's team, and Luke (Luke Skywalker) is fresh off another trip to Europe where he sewed up his spot for Cross Worlds with a fine 5th place at a World Cup. All three of them have raced in Europe several times and Jessie (Jessie the Body) is following closely in their footsteps. Ian is the youngest, and is quite possibly the happiest little guy you'll ever meet. Mom and Dad are Linda and Mike and VERY proud.

There are lots of other guys on the 2 teams that don't live on the Cape, and represent the best of New England. Cyclocross seems to be our favorite discipline, but we race all year on the road, mountain bike and finally cross. We actually had 3 National Champions crowned in July in Mountain biking. Kevin Hines 45-49 Cross Country, Luke Keough junior short track, and yours truly also in short track 30+ Masters. Our proudest achievement lately is that we posess the leader's jersey in 7 different categories. YES 7! Nate Morse leads the cub juniors and is on the junior team, Luke Keough leads the junior 17-18 category, Jamie Tosca leads the B's, I lead the Master's 35+, Kevin leads the 45+ Masters, David Rath from VT leads the 55+ Masters and Nick Keough leads the U23 category.

Tomorrow is the 7th race out of 9 in the New England Verge Series in Sterling, MA. Hopefully we'll all hold onto the jersies or extend our leads. The last 2 races of the year are in RI next weekend, and then it's off to Kansas City, MI for Cross Nationals. Then for Luke and possibly Kevin and also Nick, it's off to Europe for World Championships.

Thats just the thumbnails, but you"ll hear more about all these guys in the future.


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